Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey, this is prety amazing! I decide to FINALLY start blogging to shut up all my stupid dumb libtard friends, on my own blog, and I find out the same very day that one of my conservative media heroes is in Minneapolis!

Brietbart! I love that guy because he's not affraid to tell it like it is, you know? Like, he's, like, so real all the time. I love Dennis Miller, but I think I love it more when he fills in on his show for Dennis Miller, who I do love alot, but he's not as good as Brietbart. He tells it like it is, and he just doesn't care.

I'm from Buffalo, but I'm in Minneapolis for my sister's wedding. She's marrying a libtard, but this RightOnline conference is like fate from Jesus himself. I knew he loved me!

Bachmann and Cain and Pawlenty and I'm not sure who is is going to be there. I'm about to email to see if I can get in for free on account of my new blogging. I hope I've been blogging long enough to go for free because I saved for a month to get to my dumb libtard sister's wedding and get them a gift (a freakin' washer/dryer! HELLO?). BUt I JUST HAVE TO GO!!!

I think they teach you how to be a better blogger and get your message out better and stuff. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT i NEED! I don't do Weiner or Faceweiner yet because I'm not sure how and I think those kinds of complicated things are what they can help me with. I hope!


  1. I am so jealous of you!!! I wanted to go to this but I can't ever afford it or get off work cuz unlike those dems I actually work hard to get by. You can do your thing there and talk about things that I agree with. Those stupid dems need to stop trying to take away our freedom...ITS OUR COUNTRY AND IT"S OUR RIGHTS and they want to take it away. Dumb libs need to remember the CONSTITUTION. God Bless America and God BLESS you. Keep doing what your supposed to.

  2. Thats...AWESOME my friend, I hope you spit on those Dirty effin hippies at suckroot nation(heehee) . Briebart is so cool Ihope I can work under him exposing the lies of marsist socailsts .eep up the good work ...Prayer in every classroom and a gun under every pillow!!!