Friday, June 17, 2011

My awesome time being right online!

So as you can tell, I've not been a blogger very long, but the generous folks at Right Online, the moral person's answer to NutRoots, let me in today at they're conference in Minneapolis. It was awesome! I learnt so much! I'M NOW AN OFFICIAL CONSERVATIVE BLOGER!


My hero let me touch him and mores!

Super awesome! lIKE a gift from God, I went to James O'Keefe's talk about how to fool libtards. He told me that what he does is nothing like what that "asshole" Ian Murphy does. He'd never misrepresent him self like that stupid irish potatoe. He pays people to do that for him because he's not a poor loser! James tells it like it is!1 And that's cool.

He kept saying that he's not backed by billionares like the Coke brothers (they invented Coke and Americans for Posterity, the group that's sponsers right Online). I suppose that means James gave his talk for free. What an awesome conservative hero. I love him. Not like a girl, though, cuz that's wrong. It was super awesome to see hm in Minnesota because I thought that a New Jersey judge had denied his request to travel out of the state. I guess he got permission to be here! COOL!1 I got to hang out with him after the talk for a while to AND THAT WAS THE BEST THING EVAR~ Speaking of cool:

Brietbart returns from Nutroots berring his teeth

You may have scene how Brietbart was awesome (again, duh) and crashed the dumb libtard Nutroots. I got to meat him when he came back and he said he was high. I'm pretty sure he meant on the experience of messing with the Nazi-Kos. Cuz that's exactly what they are.

And so much more more more happened, butt I can't blag about it yet because it was to awesome and I might go undercover at Nutroots tomorrow and my awesome, conservative story might go virus. THTA WOULD BLOW MY COVER! HELLO? Jeeeez.

Tommorow is gonna be awesome: T-Pulp, Bachmania, Big Daddy Cain...and many more!1

Can't wait to updat you, blog! Besides Jesus, you are my new best friend!



  1. I love the glass tubes man, and I love that I can just pick them up at convenience stores, they really deserve the name.

  2. You are just to awsome four words Jay! omg you got too meat James Okeef!!! And touch him to!!12!